Being Kate Middleton Comes with Huge Price Tag!

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Being the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton must be an expensive proposition. Just how much does it cost to say the perfectly pretty princess?

How about nearly $160,000 a year. Yep, that’s right! Prince William’s wife has reportedly dropped a pretty penny in keeping up her royal image. And to think this is with he actually wearing some outfits more than once.

According to leaked reports of Prince Charles’ financial accounts, Kate Middleton’s clothing cost a cool $54,000 for the first 6 months of the year. Extrapolate that out and you are looking at over $100K to dress the Duchess of Cambridge. Hopefully she has a walk-in closet for these clothes.

Other beauty expenditures include a gym membership ($2,018), bee venom facials ($6,474), her hair (about $18K), skin and make-up (about $2,000), her spray-on tan ($12,400), and don’t forget the $310 for her perfume.

Hopefully Prince William appreciates how much his wife spends of his father’s money to stay looking beautiful. All of this for a Kate, who has a thing for getting dirty!

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