Beliebers Beware! Justin Bieber’s Grandma Screens His Fan Mail (Video)

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Justin Bieber has some very trustworthy people in charge of his fan mail. Beliebers will be thrilled, and warned; Justin’s grandma and grandpa have appointed themselves the official screeners of all of his fan mail. Fans may want to remember that when writing letters. Grandparents are not likely to appreciate risqué topics.

The Biebs probably receives a massive amount of mail every week, but he insists his grandparents “sit in their rocking chairs” reading letters. In fact, Justin says, “They love it.” They are probably very proud of their grandson and like hearing how much he inspires others. Justin says his grandma often calls him to give him messages from the letters.

The always funny Justin Bieber pitched his voice to sound like an elderly woman and joked about the phone calls he gets from his grandmother. His grandma sounds like a super sweet lady and is doing what the fans request by passing along messages. Justin also reveals his grandparents are storing the mountains of mail in their garage. Someday, when Justin’s star has faded a little, all that mail will serve as a reminder of how many people he touched through his music.

The topic of Justin’s mother came up, as it often does. Justin wrote a special song for his mama and it turned out so good, he is probably going to put it on his upcoming Believe album. The 18-year-old played her the song for her birthday, and like most proud mothers, she cried. How sweet!

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