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Our Make Believe Homes


I need scissors, a chair and a bowl of crème

I gave away everything.


Children are rushing into a game of butterfly.

Stout shine tumbles over our yard,

long and long yard.


Life is full of voodoo dolls

playing kitchen,

playing family,

playing giving away and craving them back,


craving crème for their tongue

before the tongues become honey

and tempt you to be a bee,


craving for a chair to rock on the porch

and later perhaps,

build a home for the porch,


craving scissors to trim a hedge,

to see what lies beyond

and how they had learned the lie,

nothing rests ahead.


I need scissors, a chair and a bowl of crème

to dream of a home.



© Copyright reserved 2010 by Kushal Poddar

Payback Life

(To Ronald Fischman )


Kisses on the forehead

of your handicap,

the closed door keeps it



The day is an envelope

slipped through the fissure.

Kisses on the forehead

are the payments one makes

to life.


You walk down the road;

eclipsed green passes by;

the door is just behind.


life is the payment of life.


© Copyright reserved 2010 by Kushal Poddar

Blue Iris

A blue iris blooms on the yard,

five stories above is the porch,

she jumped off without

a note.



© Copyright reserved 2010 by Kushal Poddar

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