Belinda Carlisle Used Drugs – Does Anyone Care?

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80s pop star Belinda Carlisle, who rose to fame as part of the Go Gos  and later had a brief solo career is releasing a memoir soon, entitled “Lips Unsealed” in which she reveals her 3 decade long struggles with an addiction to cocaine. While it’s no surprise that an 80s star would have been addicted to the 80s drug of choice, I do find it hard to believe that she was clean only during her pregnancy with her son, as she tells PopEater in an interview.  Someone who uses cocaine every day would be very unlikely to go cold turkey for 9 months, even for the sake of an unborn child.

The bigger question I have is “Why release a memoir now?”  Carlisle purports to be 5 years clean, and I hope that is the truth, but even still, why write a book?  Carlisle’s fame is long past, and while her songs may still be very sing-able, but she is far from the pop princess she might once have been. I’d wager that if not for her appearance on Dancing with the Stars last year, very few people outside of my generation know the name, and not a huge percentage of us were dying for news of the former Go Go girl. 

Carlisle’s teenage son recently made smaller media waves by publicly “coming out” which is also part of his mother’s book.   Is it a therapeutic step toward reclaiming her life or a desperate grab for lost fame?  And really, does anyone care what Belinda Carlisle is up to these days?

 A beaming Belinda Carlisle heads home after being voted off the ever-popular Dancing with the Stars

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