Bella and the trains

My fiance and I have started taking our two year-old twins on separate adventures each weekend to give them some one-on-one time. Last weekend I took my daughter Alexis to the Arboretum, and this week I took Bella to White’s Nursery to see a special train exhibit. It was really cool! There were train tracks all over the greenhouse and outside.

Bella could have watched the trains all day.

Of Course, Thomas the Train and Percy were there!

There were cute little vignettes everywhere!

Eventually we turned our attention to all the gardening accessories available. Some were really fun and whimsical!

I looked at a few I wouldn’t mind displaying, if they hadn’t been too expensive.

While I window-shopped, Bella had fun playing in the boat-shaped sandbox.

Finally, we chose a small hydrangea bush and headed out, but not before a lovely woman offered to take our picture. I don’t think she realized what she was getting into, but she was persistent and, after four tries, was able to get one with Bella looking into the camera!

Next stop, lunch!

Then home for a much-needed nap!

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