Bella Heathcote and Brad Pitt: Never Hooked Up on Set of ‘Cogan’s Trade’

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Bella Heathcote and Brad Pitt never hooked up on the set of Cogan’s Trade. Pitt and Heathcote were both in New Orleans recently for the movie. However, sources say the stars didn’t shoot any scenes together.

File:Brad Pitt PF.jpgIt’s understandable why Angelina Jolie would be hit with the insecurity bug. Bella Heathcote is only 23. Jolie, 35, was probably afraid Pitt, 42, would be drawn to the beautiful, young Australian actress. If Jolie was “desperate to keep Brad away from Bella,” as Star magazine reported, Heathcote probably posed a threat to her.

However, give Brad some credit. Not only is he a father of six children, Pitt seems to be a devoted husband. Why would he jump ship and cheat on the mother of his children? Why would he risk everything for some sugar? Here’s what the actor probably thought of Heathcote. Pitt probably noticed her beauty but nothing beyond that.

An insider told Us magazine that “Bella has never even met Brad. She is in the movie but doesn’t have any scenes with him.” All chips are on the celebrity poker table with bets that Pitt wouldn’t have fallen for Heathcote even if they had met and had scenes together. Give him some respect, people!

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