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Today, a Web syndication service published my weekly first column. And I’m pumped.

Spot-on brings together a collection of columnists who offer:

“a range of well-written and smartly argued commentary from a variety of viewpoints. In a world saturated with news and information, where readers like you can make their own news judgments and come to their own conclusions, Spot-On won’t tell you what to think or why to think it. Instead, we offer clarity, good-sense and great writing about what matters most, when it matters. Our writers are experienced, smart and opinionated; our information is accurate and smartly presented.”

I like being described as experienced, smart, and opinionated. It’s about time I was properly recognized.

But aside from the ego strokes, I’ve been wanting to write more about the politics and culture of food and cooking. However, aside from an occasional essay, neither my blog, Seriously Good, nor Gather were the venue for it. That’s not why I created Seriously Good and not why I post on Gather.

Here, I want you to think about “food,” lower case “f,” what we eat and why and how we enjoy it. This writing is for your sense of taste, texture, smell, sound, sight, and imagination it’s about satisfying your animal.

My columns at Spot-on will be about satisfying your intellect. They will be about “Food” with a capital “F.” I’ll delve into the politics of food and the posturing of foodies and their institutional enablers. I’ll point fingers at the smug — including myself — and reward good sense when I run across it.

But it’s not going to be easy so I need your help, if you’re willing. My column will appear every Monday at Please log on and catch my fox passes and illitracies and point them out to me. Tell me when I’m being stupid. Tell me what’s bothering you — a weekly column is a major idea drain and I’ll need the help.

And hey! Thanks to all of you, the regular commenters and the much, much larger body of regular readers. That matters to me.

Kevin Weeks is a Gather food correspondent (Paisano), personal chef, cooking teacher, and writer in Knoxville, Tennessee who spends too many hours on his feet, cooking. “Paisano” is a column focused on peasant dishes from around the world. To read more of Kevin’s writings or connect to him click here. His blog, Seriously Good, is read by 50,000 cooks a month.

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I'm a personal chef, cooking instructor, and food writer in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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