Ben Affleck Proved Himself Honest After a Minor Car Accident

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Ben Affleck proved he’s as good as the guys he often plays in films. When he accidentally hit another car this past weekend, he left a note to the vehicle’s owner, owning up to what he’d done.

It seems that, while driving in Santa Monica, on Saturday, Ben somehow knocked the side mirror off a parked vehicle. With no one around, he could easily have left the scene without saying anything. He didn’t. Owning up to his mistake, Ben left a note for the car’s owner under his windshield wiper. It read, “Hi, knocked off your mirror! Very sorry! Will cover everything—Ben.” He also included his contact information.

It could be that Ben got distracted by one of his daughters as he drove. He took Violet (age 6) and Seraphina (age 3) to McDonald’s.

One has to wonder if the damaged car’s owner thought the note was a hoax, given its famous author. While it’s a difficult way to get to talk to Affleck, a lot of people would probably still be thrilled. If a face to face meeting actually took place too, it would be well worth the cost and then some. However, it’s far more likely Ben’s “people” will take care of everything. Still, there are bragging rights to saying “Ben Affleck hit my car.”

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