Ben Flajnik Can’t Discuss Regrets About Courtney Robertson

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Ben Flajnik may or may not regret some of the decisions he made on the current season of The Bachelor, but at this point, he can’t discuss the topic. It seems as though people are convinced that he chose Courtney Robertson to be his fiancée, and fans of the show hoped that once he saw the way that she acted, he would regret giving her a rose week after week. However, due to the terms of his contract, Ben can’t talk about his feelings until the show finishes airing.

“Can’t say a word. Stay tuned,” Ben tweeted with a smile to a fan who asked him if he’d had any regrets. Of course people assume that Ben didn’t like watching himself get played every week… but if he and Courtney are engaged, well that says a lot about him, doesn’t it?

It seems as though people are convinced that Ben Flajnik is engaged to Courtney Robertson and that he may be kicking himself now. However, his “stay tuned” comment suggests that there is more to it and evidently fans will have to just wait and see what happens. Do you think Ben and Courtney are engaged?

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