Ben Flajnik Ignores Burning Questions About Courtney Robertson

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Ben Flajnik is still being questioned about Courtney Robertson and it seems as though a lot of people want to know how he feels watching the episodes back. However, he has been rather quiet when it comes to how he feels about everything. That may be because he isn’t allowed to talk about it until after the finale… and you can only imagine how hot his seat is going to be on After the Final Rose.

“Why didFile:Rose und Eis.JPGn’t anyone ask [Ben] how he felt seeing Courtney’s nasty behavior that Emily, Kacie B., & Nicki warned him about?” asked a male fan named Troy. Instead of answering the question at hand, Ben responded, “Troy, you are way too Into this shit for a dude. Haha (sic).”

While Courtney Robertson may have gotten chewed out on The Women Tell All on Monday night, it seemed like Ben didn’t have a chance to really respond to questions. Everyone wants to know why he got duped into liking Courtney and how he feels knowing that America (for the most part) hates her. One can only hope that Ben Flajnik is happy and that he has a good answer when Chris Harrison asks him about it in the coming weeks.

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