Ben Flajnik’s Girl, Courtney Robertson, Is a ‘Sweetheart’

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Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson are still together and seem to be doing really well. Fans of The Bachelor didn’t totally approve of this pairing, but it seems like more people are coming around now that they are seeing a different side of Courtney.

“It’s called Editing! haha She’s a sweetheart and we got along from day one,” Bachelor contestant, Rachel Truehart tweeted. “Haha Thanks Rach, wish they would have shown some of the lovely things I said about everyone and you,” Courtney responded.

More and more people are saying nice things about Courtney Robertson especially since their chances with Ben Flajnik are officially over. The girl definitely gave herself a bad name on the show but if Ben sees something in her that others don’t, perhaps it’s time that people cut her some slack. She can’t be that bad… not to mention that she seems to be getting along great with Ben’s family and friends. Maybe this one will work out after all.

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