Bench Warrant Issued for Lindsey Lohan

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Bench Warrant Issued for Lindsey Lohan


What a shock…NOT!


A bench warrant was issued on Tues. for an arrest of Lindsey Lohan because she has already violated the conditions of her probation.


Of course she has…she is an ADDICT!!!


The bail that she posted last month is now forfeited and a new bail has be set at $200,000…which she will probably pay and then screw up again!!


According to US MagazineIt was alleged that Lohan’s alcohol-monitoring bracelet went off as she partied at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards.” However Lohan claims “I did not violate anything.. at all.”


Who would you believe?


This is the second warrant issued for Lohan in the last 2 weeks. Obviously she is not taking any of this seriously. If she keeps this up they are gonna throw her in jail. She won’t be so A-List there.



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