Bentley Accuses Axl Rose Of Beating $192K Car

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Axl Rose has been accused of allegedly beating a $192,000 car. The vehicle in question is a 2006 Bentley Flying Spur, and is nothing to shake a stick at, or in Rose’s case, something more along the lines of a bat. 

According to the lawsuit from Bentley, the “Guns N’ Roses” front man leased the vehicle in 2005 through Bentley Financial Services. Rose then bailed out on $73,976.42 in payments and fees. 

Now, here’s where the story really gets sticky. When the singer returned the vehicle, several months late, the Bentley had some massive damage done to it, including: damaged tires, two dented doors, cracked windshield, gouged bumper, and broken glass on the tail light. 

To make matters worse, Bentley has also accused Rose of turning in a “mismatched spare key,” and a “broken key remote.” They have also claimed that that he was over 42,000 miles over his contract limit. Now, at this point, these items seem a little petty, but who’s counting? Oh, right, Bentley is. 

According to TMZ, Bentley wants Rose to turn over the $73,000 plus a whopping $91 for the spare key. 

If Rose really is guilty of trashing an incredible vehicle like that, what in the world was he thinking? It will definitely be interesting to see how this lawsuit plays out. One thing is for sure, Axl Rose won’t be doing any Bentley advertising anytime soon.


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