‘Bering Sea Gold: After the Dredge’ Recap ‘Risks and Relations’

In this episode of Bering Sea Gold: After the Dredge, the dredgers meet at the Cold Spring Tavern in mountainous California. After the brutal season in Alaska, the dredgers are recalling the past season.

Thom Beers is the host and executive producer of Bering Sea Gold. He wants to know what it takes to be a dredger.

Scott Meisterheim, who quit working on the “Wild Ranger” and redeemed his season by working on another dredge, told Thom it was a relief finding gold, as this job holds no promises.

Zeke Tenhoff and Ian Foster agree that it is dangerous but worth the work. They introduced Emily Reidel, who worked with Zeke on “The Clark” was the only female dredger this season. Fans liked her spunkiness and admired her tenacity. She had her up and down moments and was still a fan favorite.

The guy they fans liked to hate the most had to be Scott Meisterheim, a nasty boss who had no faith in his crew and only had bad things to say. He admitted that he does not like people. He only allowed Steve on the rig because he needed another person on the dredger. Scott faced off with Steve at the bar, and Scott admitted that he has no use for Steve, that Steve is stupid, all Scott did was swear at Steve and even forced Jason off the dredge. Now Scott meets up with the owner of the “Wild Ranger,” Vernon Adkison who owned the boat. He immediately berated Scott and called him gutless dog crap. He said that he lied, cheated, and stole from him and maliciously damaged his equipment. Scott lunged at Vern who was ready for him, they scuffled and Scott was pulled off him by about six people. Vern calmed down and spoke to Thom telling him that Scott is an idiot. When questioned about him deliberately destroying the equipment; Steve told Thom that after Scott left, he was on the rig and saw that the sumps were overfilled, which could destroy the engine. Scott was the only one who could do this. He received money up front from Vern and spent it all at the bar in Nome, buying drinks for everyone and when out of money, he became a different person.

On the “Christine Rose” deck hand, Cody nearly got his legs torn off when a weld broke loose. Injuries are abundant in dredging, and the repairs that need to be fixed have to be handled by the crew. No time to call a repair person. “The Clark,” owned by Zeke Tenhoff, discussed Emily and their romance. He said it will be a footnote in his life. Emily sang an operatic aria for Thom to prove her love for opera and why she wants to go to Austria. Zeke admitted he was smitten with Emily, but next summer will be better on “Bering Sea Gold.”

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