‘Bering Sea Gold’ on Discovery Channel ‘A Viking Funeral’ Recap

This episode of “Bering Sea Gold” it is July in Nome, Alaska at midnight and the “Christine Rose” is out dredging. At 4:00 a.m. the “Wild Ranger” is starting out and the captain is gonna face jail if he misses child support payments. No good words are wasted on this rig. Scott has a new mask that allows him to communicate with his crew while he is dredging. Up topside, the mood is not any better and there is no hot water supplied for his suit. Scott comes back up to scream and yell at his crew before going back down.File:Alaska Gold in pan.jpg

Two new deck hands on the “Christine Rose” give help to Steve, but the spot they were told to dig does not look good to them, but a test pan shows gold. Robbie turns the crane and hits Cody with the side and knocks him down but luckily he is able to continue working.

On the “Sluicey,” Ian Foster’s partner Scott takes the rig out by himself as they decide to do split shifts. Scott is out on the water and the pump will not start to send air to him down below. He hopes to earn enough money to buy his own rig, but that would take from 50 to 75 grand.

On “The Clark,” captain Zeke is looking for a new honey hole. Emily is piloting the rig for the first time, but she must be careful because she could drive Zeke into the propeller if she makes a sudden turn.

On the “Sluicey” Scott has finally gotten the engine running and makes his dive. After 15 minutes, he starts to find gold. After four hours of dredging, a problem with the sluice box made his venture for naught.

On the “Wild Ranger” problems abound and now the weather is starting to change and still no luck getting the engine running. Finally they get it going just in time to get to shore before the rig sunk.

Shawn makes it back to the “Christine Rose” in spite of his injuries suffered at the bar fight and hurt his back again and now his father, Scott has to come back to the rig.

Scott Foster dismantled the faulty sluice box on “The Sluicey” and hopes that it will work again.

Scott is still annoyed at his crew and his temper is at a boiling point on the “Wild Ranger.”

Zeke on “The Clark” found 7 ounces worth $11,300

“The Sluicey” took in 4 ounces worth $6,400 in spite of problems.

“The Christine Rose” found 96 ounces worth $155,328

“Wild Ranger” did not have time to check their sluice box, but don’t expect much of the “Bering Sea Gold.”

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