‘Bering Sea Gold’ on Discovery Channel ‘Eureka’ Recap

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This episode of “Bering Sea Gold,” it is July in Nome, Alaska, and tempers are flaring as the season has not been productive for all the dredgers. Last week the “Sluicey” boys and Emily and Zeke of “The Clark” had an accident when they blew a tire and went off the road in their overturned jeep. They managed to use a winch to right the vehicle and get it started and made it back to camp or they would have been stranded in sub-freezing temperatures.

Next day, weather looks good and on the “Wild Ranger” Scott is not a happy camper once again as he popped a muscle in his calf. With only Scott and Jason on the rig now that Steve was officially fired again last week.

On the “Christine Rose,” Cody is now the deck boss. One of the anchor blocks breaks loose and a quick weld job ensues, but it does not hold and the line snaps and nearly takes off Cody’s legs and sends him overboard. Cody is hurt pretty badly, but his leg is going to be hurting for a long time. After Cody comes in to the clinic, he is back to work, but it seems that one of the pontoons that keep the rig afloat has been pierced by the teeth of the shovel and could sink the million-dollar “Christine Rose.”

On the “Wild Ranger,” Jason is below while Scott nurses his injured leg. Jason has all respect for Scott and tells him that he is a quitter. Scott refuses to be called a quitter and goes down anyway but has to come up because Jason did not turn on the suction, but Scott comes up immediately because his leg hurts too much. No gold again for them.

On “The Sluicey,” Scott Foster is anxious to find gold and is out alone finding a stash of nuggets. Up the coast, Zeke and Emily are facing more changes in the tide as Zeke dives again. Emily forgot to bring more warm clothes and is freezing as the winds change direction. As she signals Zeke to come up, she falls overboard again and now Zeke is really mad at her.

Unannounced, Vern, the owner of the “Wild Ranger,” comes to the rig to check on the reports that he has heard. Vern insists on the rig going back out. Vern finds a problem with the sluice box and the water being sucked up is going right back into the sea.

The rough seas once again ground the fleet. So time to check their catch:

“Christine Rose” found 112 ounces worth $196,000.

“The Clark” found 4 ounces worth $7000.

“The Sluicey” got 3.64 ounces worth $6400.

And once again, the “Wild Ranger” found nothing, but once their sluice box is repaired, the will try again to find “Bering Sea Gold.”

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