‘Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice’ Recap ‘All for Naught’ on Discovery

In this episode of Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice, it is April in Nome, Alaska. The disclaimer at the beginning of this show tells it all: “offshore dredging for gold is not a get-rich-quick opportunity. It is expensive and dangerous. Most people who try, fail. Some have died. You do not want to dredge without extensive knowledge and training.” So put away that map of Alaska and just watch the show.

This episode picks up where they left off with the “Lazy Gator” the only dredge that is making a profit. The most expensive dredge is the “Shamrock” run by Shawn Pomrenke who is trying to prove himself as a dredger without his father who runs the summer dredge the “Christine Rose,” but problem after problem has eliminated their goal of seeing a profit.

On the “Clark” run by Zeke Tenhoff with help from Emily and Steve and two other men, they have had nothing but problems since the start. Now they are pulling up nothing by sand and the two other men of the night crew are of little help.

The “Shamrock” is back in running condition and time to see what will happen next. Crewman Phil is attempting to dive, but a bad experience when he was a kid is giving him a case of nerves. Phil finally comes up complaining about is suit after about five minutes.

One of the men from the “Clark” tell Zeke that the second hole they came to is worthless and on a sand bar. There is nothing there but sand. Zeke thought he put a camera down there, but he did not. Now after a good night sleep, and expectations that the other crew would find gold, they did nothing once they knew that the hole was worthless. Now Zeke is beside himself with anger and asks why the other guys did not start digging another hole. Steve called out Zeke and called him names. Now Zeke demands a full page written apology from Steve.

Jacob on the “Lazy Gator” is having problems with his mask and as he tries to fix it, the gear comes off and is wrapped around a buoy and he comes up without it. Jesse decided to free dive and retrieve the equipment to save the operation. This is a perilous choice, but to get other equipment would take at least another day. Jesse will have no air or warm water to protect him and as the timer counts the time, it took him less than a minute to get it and come back up.

While Zeke is moving the operation, he sees Steve Pomrenke, who he has a lot of respect for. He tells Steve of his two bad attempts and Steve let him use two dowsing rods to look for gold. As Zeke is holding the rods, they cross each other demonstrating that there is gold down below. Steve leaves Zeke to his next venture and goes on his merry way.

Shawn leaves for the night and his night crew takes over. Diving at night is very dangerous because it is colder and harder to avoid hypothermia. The diver starts talking about cats and the guys above are worried that he is getting disoriented. When the next crew comes in, Phil is nowhere to be found and does not answer his phone. Shawn is pretty disgusted. Cody has a problem with his ear when he goes down and has to surface immediately because the pain is unbearable.

Steve has not been back since Zeke demanded an apology from him and the two night guys are gone too. Emily is his only crew and Zeke is doing the diving and finding gold and a lot of it thanks to Steve.

So far the season tally gives the “Lazy Gator” a bigger lead with 27.52 ounces worth $45,174.08.

“Shamrock” only has the 6.5 ounces worth $10,668.75.

The “Clark” has yet to add theirs up. One can only wonder what next week will bring on Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice.

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