‘Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice’ Recap: ‘Dive to the End’ on Discovery

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In this episode of Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice, the uncut scenes are given to the viewers in a two-hour episode with insight into how the series was filmed.

On the “Shamrock,” Cody Moen blew out his eardrum on his first dive of the season and the info supplied by Discovery tells viewers that eardrums are the first to go with divers. Damage can be so severe, that it ends a diver’s career. In bonus footage, above the ice, Shawn tried to explain to Phil how to dredge for gold below using the vacuum hose. Unfortunately, Phil did not heed what he was taught and was a slow learner.

On “The Clark” Zeke was belligerent most of the time. His patience factor leaves lots to be desired. He fought with his crew and Emily was the only member of the crew to stay with him for a time. Zeke did most of the diving because the rest of his crew was incompetent. When Zeke was diving, he lost his weight belt while Emily was attempting to free the suction hose and did not know that Zeke was pinned under the ice. Had there been more crew, it would not have been such an emergency because he was losing his air in the panic to find the surface.

When Shawn dove without warmth in his wetsuit to school Phil while he was wasting time at the bottom of the Bering Sea, fans were surprised that Shawn did not send him up above. The cost to keep a diver below is not worth it unless they are finding something to suck up with the hose. Shawn stayed down until he was freezing and had to surface before frostbite set in. When Phil came to the surface, he was physically ill, after staying below for five hours, it was a grueling task.

On “The Clark” Zeke had to try to go below to find his only weight belt was unsuccessful and she called her father, Steve for help. Unfortunately, he did not have another weight belt, but did manage to help Zeke get below by using the rocks from the sluice box to get him to the bottom and retrieve his weight belt and stay below.

Jesse is diving at night, a difficult operation, on the “Lazy Gator” they dredged around the clock, but the lack of sunlight made the task a tough one, but finding gold with a small window of time is their only goal. They can catch up on sleep when they arrive home rich. Big chunks of ice crystals called chandeliers hang under the ice and can give the divers a nasty cut if they are not careful and can tangle their air and hot water lines, cutting off the air and warmth in their suit. If Jesse is not careful, he can cut his lines on the jagged crystals and potentially drown.

As large cracks in the ice called leads start to form, the ice becomes more dangerous, the dredgers know their operation is coming to an end.

One last dive for the “Shamrock” gives Phil another chance, but he was just wasting time and money. Cody is not happy with Phil’s performance and decides to go below. His eardrum is not fully healed, but he wants to save the operation. Fortunately, his eardrum holds out and he finds more gold before the operation is called to a halt.

The “Lazy Gator” guys refuse to give up and continue to dredge as the ice gets dangerously thin. Finally after finding nuggets, the ice makes too much noise and the diver comes up. But one more diver goes down in a last ditch effort.

Zeke is still under the thin ice and hoping to salvage the operation. He decides to come up and add thirty feet more hose to his suction hose adding more danger to his obsession to get gold at any cost.

When the crew of the “Lazy Gator” finally decided to call it quits, they all made it out as a great team. They got along and each was proud of the way they worked together.

On the “Shamrock”, Shawn knew that it was time to call it quits with the full moon coming that night, the tides would shift and possibly cause a tragedy. They will check the sluice box on terra firma.

On “The Clark”, Emily is worried because Zeke refuses to quit and with the longer hose, he is in danger of losing everything if the ice gives way.

Zeke finally come to the surface, disappointed that he was not successful.

Each man earned $8000 on the “Shamrock” after Shawn got his 50%. The “Lazy Gator” guys each made $32,000 each plus their “pickers.”

“The Clark” crew had nothing to talk about, but luck is not always on one’s side on Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice.

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