Bernadette Peters Is Coming back to Broadway in “A Little Night Music”


Early Friday morning, while being a guest host on the popular television morning show Regis and Kelly, one of Broadway’s best, Bernadette Peters, made a great announcement. She told the audience along with those at home that she would be the new Desiree in the Broadway production of A Little Night Music.

Well this was music to my ears.

Although Catherine Zeta Jones began the run of the role that became a Broadway hit this year, leading to her Tony win, I don’t feel that she personally deserved it, and her performance on the 2010 Tony’s only proved my point.

There has been a lot of controversy over the last few weeks post Tony awards with mainly film actors taking away the major trophies this year.  I have no problem with this happening, as long as the award is deserved, and after seeing Scarlett Johansson, Viola Davis, and Denzel Washington, I agree they all did a fabulous job.

Zeta Jones on the other hand, I found to be not terrible, with a breathless barely there singing voice mixed in with some major over exaggerated acting, does not a Tony winner make.

More importantly though, despite the underserved Tony given to Zeta-Jones, Broadway goers will now have the opportunity to see a real pro in the role, as it was meant to be.

Brava Bernadette we’re all so happy and looking forward to seeing you!


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