Best Company Retirement Plans After Great Recession

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Retirement plans have been hurt dramatically by the Great Recession. You may have found that your company cut retirement benefits as part of a recent cost saving strategy (that is if they didnÂ’t resort to layoffs).

In fact, nearly half of U.S. companies stopped contributing to employee retirement plans in 2008, and many have not resumed the practice. In fact, it seems that a retirement plan, which used to be a given, is starting to be a sought after perk of employment. Does your company offer a retirement plan? Has it changed in recent years?

Now that the economy is turning around employers are expected to begin bringing back retirement plans in the benefit package. In the past, many companies offered traditional pensions, but now 401(k) plans are becoming the main source of planning for retirement.

It appears as if these days the companies with the best retirement plans are those companies that actually offer some type of retirement benefit. Have you had to deal with cut retirement benefits just to keep your job through these past few years? If youÂ’re looking for a job, how much does retirement plans play into your decisions?

Best Company Retirement Plans After Great Recession

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