Best Kept Secrets of City Breaks – take a breather in the city

There once was a man from the townClick Here
Who’d look at the City and frown
Still he took a vacation
With some trepidation
And discovered a place of renown

Cities, like people, are dichotomous.  In every city over 30,000 people, one can find both small, intimate coffee houses and large, bustling bistros; theater for audiences of less than one hundred patrons and staged performances to crowds that number in the thousands.

What’s your preference?  Do you lean toward solitude and the company of just one or two others?  Long walks through a city’s greenway might suit you best. Small corner cafés underneath a canopy, sipping lattés and reminiscing allures. Or even wrapping up in anonymity and walking along busy sidewalks, reveling in the feeling of being “a mysterious stranger in a crowd,” can draw you in.

A visit to the city is also in order if you enjoy the pizzazz that serious shopping amongst throngs of people brings.  All those shoppers intent on finding just the right handbag or scatter rug or even whirlpool spa for their new outdoor deck, bring an energy and movement to the experience that can’t be duplicated in a small town.

Even people who like their skies wide and ground green can find delight in a large city park or nature reserve that’s located right in the heart of a city.  With the busyness and traffic that characterizes most cities, it’s a pleasure to find relaxation on the balcony of one’s hotel room or seated in the mezzanine of a city center. 

Cities are rich in culture through historical societies, museums, and free public art.  Statues in central park, city bus tours and murals that cover the entire side of a building are only some of the ways one can learn about a city’s history and influence. It’s easy to find offerings for a single person or a whole family with children and grandparents included.

Whether one’s budget is limited or generous, the opportunities that a city affords can meet any need.  With a little research and an attitude of adventure free food, music, and entertainment can be found.  Often weekly newspapers available for free at shops throughout the city can point one in the right direction.  These same papers can be found online for those who like to plan out their itinerary.

Travel is often an escapade all its own.  Taking the public light-rail or trolley can be easy on the pocketbook as well as informative for children.  Renting bikes in some cities can be the focal point of the whole trip.  Tandems, child-trailers, and all sized- bicycles along with safety equipment can be leased for a few hours or days.

A special trip to the city can be enhanced by choosing a theme—such as the letter F—and mapping out ones activities to surround the theme.  Find a French restaurant, visit a florist, and shell out a little extra money at a Funhouse can make for a memorable trip.  Don’t forget the water fountain, bring some extra coins to toss.


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