Best Rated Wood Router Reviews 2014

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Wood routers are tools that are irreplaceable in a wood working setting. They come in both single speed and variable speed designs, and if you ask most professionals, they’ll tell you that the variable speed types are definitely better.

When working with a variable speed router, the ability to use lower speed settings means that you’ll have less chance of singing, over-cutting, and you won’t have to do as much sanding on your wood pieces either.

There are also fixed and plunging types of routers available that come in variable or single speed. Fixed base routers are usually more affordable, and are generally used for work on an outside of a wood piece.

Plunging routers are good for work on the inside of a wood piece due to the plunging ability. You can choose from a variety of different bits to use in your router, which increases the amount of work you can get done with them.

As far as safety is concerned, you should always hold high powered routers with two hands. If your router is one of the variable speed varieties, then it’s always best to keep it on a low setting while powering it on. This spares engine life and extends the lifespan of the router.

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