Best UFO Sightings of the Week (Video)

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A YouTube paranormal researcher has compiled the most unusual UFO sightings around the world from the week of June 17-24, 2012 and rounds out the collection with a little debunking of his own.

The channel owner, fdex, regularly compiles the top sightings of the month but has taken to covering them on a weekly basis. This time out he takes all of the sightings from the M.U.F.O.N. database which is usually based on photographs rather than video.

The collection ends up being centered on the silver orb variety with photos from diverse areas of the world, including New York, New Zealand, Dubai, Alabama and finally, a rainbow UFO sighting over Greece.

It’s with this last one that fdex shows his skeptical side. He points out that the unidentified flying object, which was not noticed until after the pictures were taken, looks exactly the same in the two photographs posted.

Enlarging the image and examining the pixels around the object looks, in fdex’s mind, pretty suspicious. It’s refreshing to have an obvious believer looking at sightings with a slightly jaundiced eye.

Here’s the video:

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