BET Awards 2012: Gunplay Admits 50 Cent ‘Jumped Him’, Stole His Chain

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The BET Awards 2012 were a chaotic affair with at least two separate fights breaking out, inside and outside the venue. While most of the stories going around are nothing more than just rumors, it appears that at least one story is true.

Ricky Rozay’s protegé, Gunplay, admitted that he was jumped and his chain was nicked by no other than 50 Cent and his crew of eight outside the Atlanta Civic Center.

Gunplay went on the radio on Monday morning to talk about the incident. Though he refused to name names, he didn’t disagree when the hosts of the show referred to the assailant as 50 Cent.

“I was getting ready to go catch my ride but I was told by police I couldn’t leave the trailers…Then I turn around and I see the Donkey with 8 more Donkeys, and it was either me jump the barrier and run, or stand, pull up my pants and knuckle it out with the Donkey,” he said.

Gunplay also said that those who attacked him (mainly 50’s security) are there to kill people with the touch of a finger. It’s obvious he’s referring to the fact that they have guns and could easily kill someone without a second thought.

Obviously, there were a lot of issues at the BET Awards but those who attended said that show went off without a glitch so those who watch it when it airs won’t know about all the ruckus taking place behind the scenes.

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