Bethenny Frankel Addresses New Controversies about Show and Jill Zarin

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Bethenny Frankel has recently spoken out about various issues that have been prominent in the news lately. Frankel has been dragged through the mud by critics, her former cast-member from The Real Housewives of New York and former best friend Jill Zarin and lately because of some drama regarding her SkinnyGirl brand. Although she has been keeping a low profile, she is now speaking out on the issues and addressing everything you have been waiting for.

BethennyFrankelVAOCApr09.jpgWhen asked about Jill Zarin and her odd behavior in the press, Bethenny kept it professional and just offered friendly advice to the diva. “Jill Zarin is definitely a survivor. She is definitely well-to-do and I don’t think she’s worried about finding a job,” Bethenny explained about Zarin’s firing. “It just happens that they make it a little fresher. I’m sure she’ll find exactly what she’s looking for. It probably just stings a little bit. It’s a little bit difficult. She has her own way of dealing with it. I’m sure it’s difficult for her a little bit to watch what’s going on with me. Maybe if I were in her position, that’d be difficult for me, too. She handles it the way she knows how.” The last statement may be a stab at how Jill has been dragging Bethenny through the mud, meaning Jill does what she knows – backstabs people.

Of course, Bethenny Frankel also dished out details about her own reality show, Bethenny Ever After, which is a spin-off from her role on the Bravo franchise. “I’d say I’m definitely a survivor because of [my background]. This season is about working through it, whether it’s in your relationship or in your business,” she shared about the upcoming season set to air in February, 2012.

“The minute that I sold part of my business, it was like someone was waiting at my door to hit me with a baseball bat in the back of the head. I do tend to thrive when I need to survive, when I’m up against adversity.” And surely, Bethenny has been through lots of negative drama in the media, but there is a reason why you haven’t heard anything. Turns out, she wants to address it on her show as it happens. And you can only accept that as admirable.

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