Bethenny Frankel and Elvis Duran Talk About ‘Skinnydipping’

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Reality queen Bethenny Frankel talked with Elvis Duran recently about her new novel, ‘Skinnydipping’. Certainly the title sounds like there might be something naughty inside Bethenny’s book. However, to find out for certain, her friends will have to a copy. That’s easy, given that it is a New York Times best seller.

The Bethenny Ever After star credits her fans with helping make the book a success. It “is because of you and only you — best fans in the world,” she tweeted to her faithful followers.

The novel is Frankel’s first book but from the looks of things, there’ll be an encore. ‘Skinnydipping’ is about a hopeful actress, Faith Bridgestone, who moves to LA with plans of making it big in Hollywood. Sadly, that doesn’t happen and half a decade later, she goes back to New York somewhat beaten and discouraged. However, all isn’t lost for Faith. Before completing her fateful decade, she lands a role in a TV reality show.

The plot sounds vaguely familiar. However, Bethenny Frankel didn’t spill all the beans for Elvis Duran. After all, she wants people to buy her book. The business mogul knows exactly how to couch things. She’s the master of intrigue.

Have you read Bethenny’s book? If so, please share a brief review down below.

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