Bethenny Frankel: Caught in More Lies and Scandals

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Bethenny Frankel has been caught in more lying scandals than just the “lost-at-sea” story and the supposed false price for SkinnyGirl Cocktails. Bethenny’s past is surfacing and it reveals that she lied several times to get to where she is today – at least that’s what a reporter for the New York Times claims. The sources that have made the claims have not been confirmed, but the claims are quite harsh, meaning they should be confirmed to stand any ground.

The following list of scandals is reportedly what Bethenny has done to become famous, according to the New York Times. Again, none of these have been confirmed so they are open to interpretation.

  • Bethenny Frankel refused to talk to former cast member Jill Zarin on The Real Housewives of New York unless the cameras were rolling. Once Bethenny left the show for her own spin-off, she reportedly still had a grudge against Zarin and did whatever she could to have her fired from The Real Housewives of New York. Before landing on the housewives, she reportedly asked to get her entire date with A-Rod recorded so she could become famous. The source claims that the recording was sent to a writer
  • Bethenny Frankel reportedly told her producers on her own spin-off show that they had to make her look good. If not, no one would watch her show when compared to her previous show, The Real Housewives of New York. In addition, Bethenny is reportedly using people to get ahead in life, including her husband Jason Hoppy. According to a close source, he is just another person on her payroll
  • She has a huge temper, which is exhausting to everyone around her. One insider claims that you never know what you will get with Bethenny. One producer reportedly claimed that he hoped the new show would be Bethenny Getting Divorced because he didn’t like working with her
  • Bethenny flaunted her body on the cover of US Magazine just weeks after giving birth to her daughter Bryn. The focus of the story was about how little the pregnancy had influences her body and physique, but reports revealed that doctors had begged her to eat more during her pregnancy. The New York Times writer claims that the source feels bad for Bryn. In addition, Bethenny Frankel reportedly lied about the engagement to Jason Hoppy. Although she announced the engagement in July 2009, she didn’t accept until October after the public had the chance to judge Hoppy

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