Bethenny Frankel Finally Speaks on Divorce Rumors on Talk Show

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Bethenny Frankel promised the public that she would address her supposed divorce on her new talk show, but it sounds like she has been so busy planning out her guests and preparing to host a show, that she has forgotten all about speaking about her divorce. In a new clip for the first episode, Bethenny was asked by her guests to set the record straight on her marriage. Bethenny’s response? “Oh, I totally forgot.” Well, she decides to highlight exactly what has been said in the press, including that both she and Jason have visited divorce lawyers.

“I haven’t seen a divorce lawyer. My husband hasn’t seen a divorce lawyer,” she tells her audience on the first episode of the show. “Here is this whole big thing going on and the truth is, I put it all out there on my show. If it’s out there, I’ll tell you.” Of course, Bethenny Frankel‘s talk show audience are true fans of hers, so she got a huge applause once she announced that she was not getting a divorce.

“I’m in a good marriage. We have issues. We are not perfect. We work on it every day. We’re committed,” she explained with Jason sitting in the audience. Ever since Bethenny announced that she would discuss the divorce rumors on her talk show, fans have been waiting eagerly to hear the news. But it sounds like Bethenny herself didn’t think too much about it. She forgot that she promised to address it. That’s how much rumors and drama occupy her day and her life, which is only admirable considering her very public life.

Are you surprised that she isn’t divorcing?

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