Bethenny Frankel Gives Good Twitter Advice

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Bethenny Frankel is very busy between her new luxury home and a new television show. Just because she is busy though, does not mean that Frankel will be tweeting and driving.

BethennyFrankelVAOCApr09On Wednesday afternoon, Bethenny Frankel took to the Twitter-verse to give her 621,000 followers a heads-up on her daily activities as well as shout out a few words of wisdom: Frankel tweeted:

I’m about to be driving and I NEVER tweet and drive so I’ll tweet you guys in a few hours! xo

That is good to know Bethenny! It does not look like she is going to be mowing down any pedestrians today with her car, at least not because she was texting (or in this case tweeting) and driving.

Of course, what is also important about this tweet is that she assumes that her fans will be waiting expectantly for her next tweet, when she finishes ‘driving.’

Perhaps the Real Housewives of New York star, health food author, and chef really thinks that she is giving a PSA about the tweeting and driving. Bethenny Frankel may be a busy woman, but she does try to set a good example with this Twitter post…or at least she swears that she never tweets and drives. That is never…with a capital never!

Photo: Gina Hughes, via Wikimedia Commons

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