Bethenny Frankel Got Aviva Drescher Her ‘Real Housewives’ Job!

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Bethenny Frankel may not be on Real Housewives of New York anymore, but she apparently is still close with some of the head honchos at Bravo! Frankel appeared on the show from season 1 until season 3 when she left to star in her own spin-off.

After the fifth season of RHONY, Bravo did some serious re-casting and apparently, Frankel had something to do with it! “I cast Aviva [Drescher],” she told the New York Daily News. “I’m the reason she’s on the show.” If Frankel brought someone on to the cast, did she also have something to do with the old housewives getting the boot? Everyone is aware of her ongoing feud with former best friend, Jill Zarin — bould she have suggested they give her the axe?

Frankel explained that she had met Aviva a “couple of years ago” and recommended her to Bravo. At the time, they weren’t looking to add any housewives to the franchise but as we know, that changed after season 4. Bethenny once again urged Bravo big wig Andy Cohen a second time. “I said, ‘Go back and find the tape of that woman. I think she would probably be a good housewife.’ So here we are.”

Aviva Drescher is sure a nice addition but does she have what it takes to stick around? Bethenny Frankel thinks so! If she does well, maybe we’ll see Bethenny as a casting director in the future!

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