Bethenny Frankel is at Her Breaking Point with Husband Jason Hoppy

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Could Bethenny Frankel be headed for divorce with her husband of two years Jason Hoppy? Well, it seems that this couple has had a fair share of troubles lately, especially as their lives and personal issues have been shown on the reality show, Bethenny Ever After. It seems that Bethenny can’t get over her issues of growing up differently than Jason and keeps comparing their lives, despite knowing they are different.

And during an upcoming episode of the show, Bethenny can’t hold her pain in any longer, screaming out at her husband, who is getting on her nerves. “You tell me my therapist….. I pay him to tell me what I want to hear, you can’t be the person that you really are,” Bethenny accuses her husband of two years. “Saying to me that ‘you’re going to end up all alone’ saying to me ‘you’re damaged.'” She is throwing out some serious accusations, but if Jason is really saying that about Bethenny, then perhaps this couple isn’t meant to be.

Bethenny Frankel later shares during a one-on-one interview that she is at her breaking point and it seems like Bethenny and Jason aren’t as happy as they once were. She has already admitted that she and her husband don’t like each other, but downright making such harsh accusations can only be bad for the marriage. “I’m definitely at breaking point, I’m tired of being the only one who has problems, is the crazy one, everything is my fault, it just must be me. I just think Jason has to take responsibility for 50 percent of this relationship.”

Is Jason really not committed to making it work? Is Bethenny really alone in this matter and if so, how long will she continue to be alone in her marriage?

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