Bethenny Frankel Lied About Net-Worth?

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Bethenny Frankel sold SkinnyGirl, her liquor brand for $120 million, or so everyone thought! Perhaps Bethenny has a little explaining to do, because somehow, the word now is that the Real Housewives of New York star received less…substantially less.

So how much less did Bethenny Frankel get than the original estimate of $120 million? It turns out that the company that purchased the brand from Bethenny, Fortune Brands, just reported ponying up only $8.1 million for the beverage company.

$120 million landed Frankel on the cover of Forbes magazine. $8.1 million makes one look like a complete liar! So, while everyone was led to believe that Ms. Frankel’s bottled sangria and margaritas placed her only behind Oprah and Lady Gaga on the ‘who earned what’ list for female celebrities last year, it turns out that she should have never been on the cover of Forbes.

It isn’t like $8 million is chump change, but why lie? Why stretch the truth that much? Did she round up to $10 million then add a zero? Actually, Forbes doesn’t like to be embarrassed and is “taking this very seriously.” Who knows, perhaps Bethenny Frankel will be spending part of her $8.1 million on legal fees before this is all said and done.

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