Bethenny Frankel: Mother Makes Rude Comments about the Reality Star’s Parenting

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Many people look up to Bethenny Frankel, because of her outspoken nature and go-getter attitude. On The Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny often talked about not being able to have it all – a career, a child and a loving husband. Well, despite working hard, getting it all and acting as a healthy and successful role model for women across the nation, two people don’t seem to like her much.

In a recent tweet, Bethenny told her fans that a mother and a nanny had made some rude comments about Bethenny, while entertaining her daughter Bryn at a local playground. Apparently, the comment was in regards to Bethenny Frankel chasing Bryn around the playground in heeled boots.

Oh mothers! Jealously comes in many forms, but bashing a woman who enjoys making herself look good and setting an example for her child should not be one of them. If Bethenny Frankel had worn an haute couture fashion look in 6-inch heels, then yes – maybe she didn’t dress for the playground.

Bethenny also tweeted that she is “doing (her) best” in parenting her child and running a nationwide successful business. It doesn’t seem like everyone realizes that you have to work hard to have it all – even if it means wearing heels to the playground in between meetings and appointments.

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