Bethenny Frankel Poses in Size 4 Swimsuit – THREE WEEKS AFTER GIVING BIRTH!!

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Ever since Heidi Klum walked the Victoria’s Secret runway eight weeks after giving birth, Hollywood women have been vying to outdo each other with the post-baby swimsuit pictures. Bethenny Frankel has now joined the ranks – and is winning the war on “how to make normal women feel like poop about their bodies after giving birth”.

Only three weeks after giving birth to daughter Bryn, Frankel posed on the cover of US Weekly. In those three short weeks after birth, Frankel somehow managed to lose 29 of the 35 pounds she gained while pregnant – almost a 10 pound loss per week! She addresses this weight loss, saying “I lost about 25 pounds in the hospital, just from the baby and all the baby stuff. Plus, I had a C-section, so I was in the hospital for six
days, and you can’t really eat for three of those.”

And although Frankel says she doesn’t believe in diets, her daily food consumption leans mysteriously towards looking like one: According to US Weekly “A sample day’s menu: a muffin and fruit for breakfast, a veggie sandwich and soup at lunch and BBQ chicken and a half a sweet potato for dinner.”

Is it healthy for Frankel to loose the weight so quickly? Critics will say no, supporters will say yes. Regardless of what anyone says, Frankel is keeping up with the trend in Hollywood of unnatural feminine beauty – and slenderness.

So kudos to Ms. Frankel for regaining her swimsuit body so soon after giving birth! Now I, eight months pregnant, will go eat another cookie.




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