Bethenny Frankel Reveals Where She Gets Her Business Ideas

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Bethenny Frankel did something that not many have done; she created a million-dollar brand using her quick thinking, her recipe of her skinny version of a margarita and a reality television platform. After seeing her journey from being a struggling baker during the first season of the show to selling her business on “Bethenny Ever After,” it sounds like many housewives have tried to launch businesses in hopes of mirroring Bethenny’s success. Of course, Bethenny has written many books with useful information about healthy lifestyles, but she hasn’t dished much on her ways of doing business.

According to a new tweet released on April 7, Bethenny Frankel is now dishing some advice on how to get your next big business idea. And she is hinting that the idea could be right in front of you. “Spending a lot of time with 2 & 3 year olds lends itself to great business ideas. Keep your eyes & ears open,” she tweeted earlier this week. Of course, Bethenny already has a strong brand that prides itself on providing products that will support a healthy and “skinnygirl” lifestyle, so perhaps toys may not be in her business future. However, it does sound like she is hinting that there is plenty of potential in products for toddlers.

It sounds like a business book from Bethenny could be a best-seller, given her massive success with the “Skinnygirl” brand. What do you think of Bethenny writing a business book? Would you want more business advice from this business mogul?

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