Bethenny Frankel’s Talk Show in Danger as Ratings Drop Drastically

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Bethenny Frankel is still in her first six weeks of her talk show and the Fox network was probably happy during the first couple of days when her show beat out some of the biggest talk shows that are on during the day. Her show even beat out The View, which is one of the highest rated talk shows on television. However, it seems like her talk show is actually dropping in ratings, which could be dangerous for the future of her talk show. If she has low ratings, then the network may not sign her on to do more shows for the fall. This six-week running could be her last.

According to Huffington celebrity writer Rob Shuter, Bethenny’s talk show had a massive drop in ratings on her second day of the show. Her first episode was a hit, beating out many other talk shows, but apparently Bethenny Frankel didn’t make an impression because the ratings completely dropped.

Her ratings dropped from first to fourth in a matter of hours. And that has got to hurt. Hopefully for Bethenny, her ratings will stay high enough for her to sign on for the fall. If not, the Fox network may drop her after her six-week test run, meaning many of the cities that are desperately waiting to see her show may never get the chance.

Do you think Bethenny will get the ratings to continue filming? Did you watch the show and was disappointed with what you saw?

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