Bette Midler joining the cast of ‘Glee’!

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Celebrity superstar Bette Midler has some exciting news to announce: she’s accepted a guest starring role on the hit television show Glee! Ryan Murphy, the creator of the popular show, announced via Twitter that he had not only asked Midler to play a role on the show but that she had agreed to join the cast in a guest starring role. Now the only question left in the minds of Glee fans around the country: who will Midler’s character be?

According to the rumor mill—and Midler’s own Twitter account—she’s vying for a role as Rachel’s grandmother who lives in New York City. This could definitely make for an interesting turn of events on the show, but seems a little hard to make sense of. After all, Rachel’s family tree is already pretty convoluted, it’s hard to imagine where Midler’s character would fall on the family tree.

Perhaps a role as a sort of New York godmother would be more fitting. It would make sense for Rachel to find a sort of fabulous godmother figure to look up to while living in the big city—someone who could take Rachel under their wing and help her continue her big city transformation. And Bette Midler would be perfect in this role!

Regardless of how Midler’s character ends up weaving into the Glee storyline, one thing’s for sure: fans of the show can’t wait to check out the song selections performed by Midler during her guest starring episode—they’re sure to be fantastic!

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