Betty Friedan’s Early Years as a Journalist

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Part 3 of the Betty Friedan series

Montreal Women of the early 1960’s and 1970’s was very involved with the early feminist movement and look towards Betty Freidan as a pioneer into the new movement of empowering women.

Betty Freidan continued

Betty continued a writing career after she left the University of California, at Berkeley. She started out by writing for leftist and union papers. In 1943 -1946 she wrote for The Federated Press, then from 1946-1952 she was writing for the United Electrical Workers’ UE News. She wrote a report on the House Un-American Activities Committee. She was later let go by UE News because she was pregnant for her second child. Betty continued working as a freelance writer for several magazines, including Cosmopolitan after her dismissal.

The Feminine Mystique

It was during Betty’s 1957 college reunion that she started asking her former classmates about their lives after graduation and she found that many of them were unsatisfied with their lives, not finding them fulfilling, and not being able to carve an identity for themselves. That led to her publishing and article called the Problem of No Name. Betty too was unsatisfied with the roles of women and she did not see any positive role models for women who worked and maintained a household. This in turn, led to her book The Feminine Mystique where she traced the roles of women in industrial nations especially in the role of homemaker. Her background in psychology was especially helpful in understanding the feelings of women tied to the home without other outlets to pursue. In The Feminine Mystique Betty writes many articles concerning how the suburban housewife felt trapped. She also critiques Freud’s famous penis envy theory and offers solutions for women who want to pursue an education. This book is a classic published in 1966.

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