Betty White Dishes “Saturday Night Live,” Jay-Z with Jay Leno (VIDEO)

Now that 88-year-old Betty White’s Saturday Night Live hosting gig is finally in the past, one might think she’d be winding it down a bit, but instead she went on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night to rehash her SNL experience.

She discussed how she hates having to use cue cards (but with the show’s breakneck pace, there’s no choice), how quickly people undress you backstage for the next skit (a note that Leno quickly jumped on), and how things went with Jay-Z.

“I understand he got a little fresh,” The Chin noted. “What happened there?”

“Well, he didn’t get fresh,” White explained. “He just got … desperate, I guess.”

Then she demonstrated just how fresh/desperate Hova got. Heyyyy-Ohhh! She also expressed relief that she “never has to do that again.”

Leno also showed some key White clips from The Golden Girls and Boston Legal. White, incidentally, is now being touted for Oscars host. Give her a break, okay, people? She’s 88!


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