Betty White Hob Nobs With President Barack Obama

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Everyone knows that Betty White is one of America’s national treasures, even the president. That’s why she recently got a chance to hang out with the big guy in the Oval Office.

Actually, White was in Washington to speak at the Smithsonian. While there, she decided to pay her respects to what is arguably the nation’s most famous residence. Luckily, things worked out so that she could gain a few minutes of time from the leader of the free world as well. However, the highlight of her tour was probably walking the first dog — Bo.

No one seems to know what the president and White chatted about, but you can bet the funny lady got some information in there about her four-legged friends. Betty is a huge animal lover and she works tirelessly for their protection.

Another safe bet is that the lovable Hot in Cleveland comedienne made the commander-in-chief laugh at least once during her visit. It seems she can’t open her mouth without tickling someone’s funny bone. With Obama’s current election campaign in full swing, he probably appreciated any moment of levity Betty White could offer.

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