Between the Sun and the Moon

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The Earth is round like the circle of life, Birth to Death it gives us nourishment, water to cool our soul and food to quiet the rumbling in our center. We hunt for food as we are hunted, so we can survive, so we can return to the Earth. As the Bear has sharp teeth and claws we have the bowie knife and the bow and arrow our minds are our strength as the Bear has brut strength. The sprit of the Earth sees through the eye of the Eagle as he sours high above us. It is the sprit of the Earth that warms us with fire and blesses us with the seasons so we can know as our Forefathers knew time has no end. Smoke from fire rises up and unveils two Families one the Father and one the Mother join and give to us a new life and birth of a generation. The old one will show the new one a vision of perseverance and strength the way of our Tribe. As a Tree reaches for the Sun so shall the new one reach manhood and learn to know the sprit world this never ending quest between the Sun and the Moon.

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I try to know why something is and will stop at nothing to find out. I always try to stay several steps ahead of everyone. My moves are overwhelming to my enemies it is my way. I have been told I am very overqualified in several jobs I have had.

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