Beverly Hills Earthquake at Intersection of Two Faults: Is Disaster Imminent in Southern Cali?

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The Beverly Hills earthquake that struck this week could be indicative of disaster for the area in the future, as it is at the intersection of two major faults that run through Los Angeles County. Both faults could cause a devastating earthquake at 7 magnitude or higher on the Richter Scale. This is likely one of the reasons so many disaster movies and fictional scenarios on documentaries seem centered on Southern California.

According to Geophysicist Doug Given, the quakes in Beverly Hills happened near the intersection of the Santa Monica Fault and the Newport-Inglewood Fault, created a T-shaped juncture. One was a 3.2 magnitude on Monday, and the other was on Friday and was a 3.4 magnitude. Given said the quakes that happened this week were shallow, this being the reason that they seemed so strong. “As a result, they were strongly felt,” Given said. Apparently, that means that the quakes seemed a lot more serious, and higher on the scale than they actually were. Some quakes start miles and miles below the surface.

The Beverly Hills earthquake isn’t the only quake in the news recently. There was a 7.6 Magnitude quake in Costa Rica, and another in China that killed more than 50 people. Is it the end of the world? Probably not, but it does seem as if earthquakes are not only getting stronger, but they are being felt all over the globe regularly.

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