‘Beverly Hills Nannies’ Recap: Amber Begins Work At The Bellamars

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Beverly Hills Nannies showcases the privileged and sometimes daunting lives of nannies that care for the wealthy and famous families of Beverly Hills. These nannies experience the grand lifestyle of the rich and famous but their jobs are on the line everyday with the extremely high demand put on them.

This week Amber Valdez begins her new nanny job with the Bellamars. Ari is marrying Barry Bellamar in one week so she’s a little stressed out. When Amber arrives the first thing she tells Amber to do is clean out the birdcage because the birds are very stressed. Hmm, could it be that Ari is stressed and projecting her stress on the birds? Nataljia, Ari’s assistant, looks on as Amber cleans the cage.

Meanwhile, at the Margolis home, Kristin brings Maggie along to introduce her to the nanny lifestyle. She meets Cindy and the children. Maggie says to the camera, “I’m not sure if this will work out because I’m not that fond of children.”

Back at the Bellamars, Barry’s working outside on the lounge chair while Amber is cleaning the birdcage with toddler Emma. He later tells Ari that Amber was being a Chatty Cathy and she needs to keep it down. Amber’s response, “What is this, some kind of rich person game?”

Hila, Emma’s speech therapist, comes over to the house that afternoon. Ari is concerned that Emma is not speaking at the level that she should be at three years of age. Hila hits the nail on the head, Emma’s only problem is Ari. Ari let’s Emma run the household but what she really needs are boundaries.

That night, all the nannies get together in Manhattan Beach at Shaun’s uncles house. Kristin Lancione is on Amber’s case again and tells Shayla that she thinks Amber is an old dog. She brings up the fact that Shayla and Amanda Averill are hotter than Amber again. When Amber arrives Shayla tells her what Kristin has been saying. Amber takes the high road and lets it roll off her shoulder.

It’s wedding day at the Bellamars. Kristin is supposed to fill in for Amber because Amber has a live event with Nicki Minaj. Kristin calls Amber at the last-minute and tells her she’s sick. Amber calls her out on the hangover. Ari is livid!

Barry calls Amber on her cell right before the event with Nicki and says he won’t hold it against her if she continues on with the interview. But he’s worried because Ari hasn’t arrived at the wedding and she’s 30 minutes late. Now Amber’s confused and doesn’t know what to do.

Justin Sylvester now has to play fix-it man at the Tsircou family home. Marika wants him to fix a sticky, stubborn drawer in the kitchen. Justin may win the prize for tasks to do-he becomes and more frustrated. Then Marika tells Justin to label her frozen breast milk with dates and ounces. She has a whole freezer full. Justin comments, “Are you saving up for the apocalypse?”

Lucy has a nanny interview lined up and she’s very nervous. The interview is held at Tricia Fisher Thames business, The Tree House Social Club (a pre pre-school). She is the daughter of Connie Stevens and Eddie Fisher. Wylder, a toddler, is her only child

The interview continues at the home. Lucy tells Tricia her rate is $40/hour. Tricia says, “Are you going to teach him a foreign language too?” She’s aghast at the rate. She says she’ll need to talk to her husband to see what they can afford and then get back with Lucy. It may not work out. Tricia picked up on Lucy’s over active tongue.

Justin is keeping his options open and he’s checking out another home, the Faulk family. Lindsay Faulk is having a barbecue in the backyard with the family. They have a private chef, Chef Lovejoy. There are four children at the home; Bella, Brooklyn, Farrah and Presley (all girls). Bella is a close family friend and will be staying with the family all summer. Justin’s rate is $35/hour now and if there is a sleepover it’s $220/day. It’s looking good for Justin, Brooklyn (the youngest girl) doesn’t want Justin to leave. He may have this one in the bag.

Next week Justin gives the bad news to Marika…

Beverly Hills Nannies airs on ABC family Wednesday’s at 8/9 pm.

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