‘Beverly Hills Nannies’ Recap: Ari’s Wedding Day

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Beverly Hills Nannies showcases the privileged and sometimes daunting lives of nannies that care for the wealthy and famous families of Beverly Hills. These nannies experience the grand lifestyle of the rich and famous but their jobs are on the line everyday with the extremely high demand put on them.

This week, Amber Valdez needs to make a decision whether to move forward with the Nicki Minaj event or be with Ari on her wedding day. She talks to Barry Bellamar and tells him that her first priority is the Bellamar family because she gave her word that someone would be there on the wedding day. Amber cancels the event with Nicki Minaj and shows up for Ari’s wedding. Kristin has just made a big enemy by not keeping her word to fill in for Amber.

As soon as Amber arrives at the Bellamar home and walks into Ari’s room she knows she made the right decision to cancel the Minaj event. Ari is relieved – or is the wine she’s drinking that lightened her mood???

The wedding begins. Ari and Barry have written their own vows. Ari simply tells Barry that she loves him. Barry, on the other hand, holds his iPad and reads, “Ari you are my heart and soul…” Everything runs smoothly.

Meanwhile, Scott, Amanda and Shayla are painting walls at Justin’s apartment. Amber shows up a little later and realizes that the group isn’t aware of what a joke Kristen has been by letting her down as a no-show on Ari’s wedding day. As they tackle the walls Amber finger paints, ‘Kristen Blows! Chunks’.

Amber tells the group that she doesn’t want to be friends with Kristen. “I know you guys may want to play patty-cakes with her…” Amber then plays back the voice mail on her cell. Shayla thinks that maybe Kristen really was ill. Amber’s response, “Shayla! She was drinking until two in the morning.” Amber tells Shayla that she’s being wishy-washy. Now Shayla thinks that Amber is taking the whole thing too far. Looks like the girls are dividing.

At the Margolis’ home, Kristen says she loves watching the kids. Nicholas is nine and the twin girls are six. She seems to be spending more time with the twin girls and ignoring Nicholas. Cindy Margolis is not happy with the time allotment between the kids.

Nicholas writes Cindy a letter and slips it under her door, which is normal for him when he has a big issue. Cindy says he needs a man in the house because the divorce has been hard on him. She reads the letter to Kristen. In his letter he writes that he feels lonely being the only male in the house and he wants a manny. Kristen asks Cindy if she wants to replace her and Cindy assures Kristen that her job is safe.

Kristen suggests to Cindy that Scott should work, perhaps on the weekends, so that Nicholas has a man figure. Cindy totally agrees and doesn’t want to lose Kristen because the children already have abandonment issues.

At the Thames family, Lucy is hired as the new nanny. Tricia Fisher Thames is already anxious about Lucy’s fast-moving mouth. She never stops talking. As soon as Tricia leaves Lucy calls her boyfriend and asks him to come to Byron Thames birthday party on the weekend. Wylder, the two-year-old toddler, is sitting right next to her.

After one day of working for Tricia, Lucy reprimanded about her chatty cathy issue. Tricia is diplomatic and tells her that her energy is too high and she needs to tone it done while focusing on the nanny job. Lucy doesn’t grasp the clue and continues to rattle off. She may be in danger of losing her new-found job.

Kristen shadows Lucy at Byron’s birthday party and tells her that she does spend too much time with Tricia and she is talking too much. They head back into the party and Lucy dances and hob-nobs with the celebrities while Kristen watches the kids. Tricia notices and is not happy. Kristen realizes that she needs to send another nanny over to the Thames house. Lucy is not getting it.

Justin Sylvester decides that after a month with the Tsircou family it’s just not working out. He and Amanda meet for coffee and he tells her he’s in love with the Faulk family. He also wants to recommend Amanda for the job with Marika. Amanda asks if Marika is difficult and Justin responds, “She’s special.” Amanda wants the job because she needs one.

Lindsay Faulk has Justin come over and Chef Lovejoy immediately pops open a bottle of champagne. He got the job! Justin later asks Lindsay if she told Marshall, the father, that she hired a new nanny. Marshall Faulk is a hall of fame football player and Justin is a little intimidated.

Now Justin has to tell Marika that he’s not going to work for her anymore. He tells her he doesn’t have the experience with newborns and she deserves someone who can help her with the baby more. She says she thought the same thing and considered him more of a lady-sitter than a babysitter. Justin takes the high road and then tells Marika about Amanda.

Next week the drama heats up at the Thames family home and the division between Kristen and Amber continues.

Beverly Hills Nannies airs on ABC family Wednesday’s at 8/9 pm.

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