‘Beverly Hills Nannies’ Recap: Justin Goes Swimming

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This week on Beverly Hills Nannies, Justin learns to swim from a hot swim coach and Amber gets a word of advice from Ari.

It’s swimming day at the Faulk family. Justin needs to get in the water and learn to swim before he meets NFL Hall of Fame, Marshall Faulk, in San Diego. He’s petrified. Marcus, the hot black swim instructor, is there to help teach Justin the proper strokes. So Justin jumps in the water and says he’s motivated.

Lindsay Faulk picks up on the sexual tension between Marcus and Justin. Justin needs a shot of courage and takes a big gulp of wine before taking his Olympic swim. Justin is clearly proud of himself and exclaims, “I’m a renaissance player!”

Meanwhile, Lucy and Amber have a discussion. Lucy says that she feels like there has been a rift between the two of them from the beginning including condescending remarks. She wants to know why Amber even came to the birthday party. Amber butts in and says, “You invited me.” Meow… catfight.

Over at the Tsircou family, Marika informs Amanda that Xander’s necklace is made out of Baltic Amber that is supposed to release healing powers to him when his body temperature warms up. She brings Amanda into Xander’s room and shows her all the natural medications. Then she tells Amanda that she gives the dog her breast milk!

Kristin and Maggie head over to Bill Davidson Accounting Corp. She is overwhelmed with everything that she needs to do in order to get her Nanny Business up and running. He brings up the fact that she could get sued if she doesn’t cover herself correctly.

Later, Kristin and Amanda head over to Lucy’s for breakfast. Lucy begins to talk about her boyfriend, Curtis, who lives in Orange County and is an electrician. Kristin thinks Lucy’s standards are too low and she should be fishing for a millionaire husband. Lucy ignores the statement and then lets Amanda know that she has a hot fireman friend that is available for dating from Orange County too. He’s one of Curtis’ friends.

In the afternoon, Amber heads to Koi restaurant to meet Ari. She tells Ari that her BMW just got repossessed and now she’s driving a rental Dodge. Ari tells Amber that Barry, her new husband, just had a stroke. Evidently he got a little too worked up on the honeymoon. Ari makes a comment, “I guess that’s what I get for marrying a senior citizen.” The doctor told them no sex for three months.

Ari needs to cut Amber’s hourly fee because the doctor bills are piling up. She wants to go from $35/hour to $25/hour. Amber agrees, but then she’s given a nice bonus. She can use one of the Bellamar’s extra cars. Score! It’s more like she was given a pay raise rather than a cut.

Amber goes to pick up the car at the Bellamar’s. She’s being given an Escalade. Ari gets ready to hand the keys over and says, “I think we should talk about you getting your life together.” Amber doesn’t take it so well but she keeps quiet and just smiles. After Amber leaves Ari realizes she may have hurt Amber’s feelings.

Amanda is being taken for her first colonic experience by Lucy. It’s supposed to help her lose weight and get rid of the bloat for her date that night. Lucy goes into the room with Amanda and strokes her hair to help her relax. Lucy is next.

At the Margolis home, Scott decides the kids need a little discipline. Nicholas, Sierra, and Sabrina (along with Scott) are washing his car. They soap up Scott’s Mercedes. When it’s time to rinse the soap off the kids want to keep putting soap on it and Scott needs to get a little mannie tough with them. Cindy comes out to see what’s going on and Scott tells her it’s chore day. She’s thrilled and says, “I bow to you Scott.” Hmmm someone has the hots for Scott.

Amanda and Lucy finish their colonics and head out for their double date night. They all meet up at Jerry’s Deli. Amanda asks Matt, the fireman, if he’s ever been in a calendar. Really? She’s not impressed with him. They continue the date at a bowling ally. Lucy hopes it works so they can be a mini happy gang of friends/lovers.

After the date, Lucy and Amanda go to Lucy’s apartment. Matt wants to go another date with Amanda but she says there were no sparks. She says she wants a man that’s not all American, something different like a tattoo or an accent…

Next week on Beverly Hills Nannies Amanda and Marcus, the swim coach, may hook up.

Beverly Hills Nannies has moved to Tuesdays on ABC Family at 9 pm/8 C .

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