‘Beverly Hills Nannies’ Recap: Kristen Lancione and Amber Valdez Fight

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This week on Beverly Hills Nannies, Kristen Lancione tells Lucy Treadway that she’s really upset about the fight and telling Amber Valdez that she is dead to her. Lucy’s response, “We all have to work for bosses and sometimes they get under our skin and we just have to deal with it. ” Lucy agrees that Kristen is wasting her time with all that bad energy.

Wait, did Lucy really just say that sometimes bosses get under our skin? Was she referring to Kristen too?

Kristen heads over to the Gardiner family home, in Beverly Hills, to interview the parents and twin six-year olds for a possible new nanny position. Ali Gardiner is an interior designer and flips houses. Kristen thinks that Maggie could be a good fit with six-year olds.

Meanwhile, Scott Cartmill and Cindy Margolis sit down for dinner alone, which Cindy has cooked. Scott says he wants to be around the children all the time because he loves them. Cindy asks Scott, “When is the right time to bring up the sex talk.” Scott says he was about eight or nine when he had an erection and didn’t know why. So, Cindy asks Scott to talk to Nicholas about the ‘Birds and Bees’. He says he will talk to him about it, but he clearly is uncomfortable with it. Cindy moves on to dessert…ice cream and fruit.

Is Cindy and Scott’s relationship evolving into something other than employee and employer?

Scott and Nicholas play a little one on one basketball. Cindy yells from the balcony and asks Scott to come up to talk. Cindy wants to keep talking about the sex thing. She asks Scott, “When did you grow?” He interjects, “You mean when did I go through puberty?” They do some role-playing and Cindy gets really personal. She asks Scott how many women he has been with. Scott’s response, “I’m not going to tell you that. It’s my private information.”

Finally, it’s time for the talk with Nicholas. Nicholas is uncomfortable but they laugh through it. Scott wraps things up and asks Nicholas to think about it and then they can talk again later. Cindy is feeling proud of Scott and wants a kiss on the cheek. But Scott doesn’t do it. Instead, he kisses his finger and puts that finger on her cheek.

Maggie heads over to the Gardiners for an interview. Brian Gardiner asks her, “How comfortable are you with cooking?” She replies she can make food but she’s no gourmet chef. Ali agrees to try Maggie out and see how she does.

Maggie’s trial nanny experience doesn’t go all that well. Ali says she’s a little rough around the edges and may not work out…

Amber and Shayla talk about the ‘Kristen incident’. Amber says she’s glad that Kristen is not referring her anymore nanny jobs because the Bellamar job didn’t work out. Amber says she doesn’t respect Kristen at all. Shayla tells Amber that Kristen has never acting that way towards her. But then she invites Amber to her birthday party.

Maggie, Shayla and Kristen get a hotel room and get ready for the birthday party. Shayla and Kristen do a good job of bashing Amber. So Maggie asks Shayla, “Do you like Amber. Are you friends with her?” Clearly she was being called out on her attitude. She says she is a friend but she might not trust her.

The birthday party continues on a rooftop. Scott, Justin, Amanda, Shaun, Maggie, Lucy, Kristen, and Shayla all do shots. Amber shows up after the shots have been had. Tension builds and then Shaun asks Amber to leave because the mood is dark. Kristen is upset because Amber doesn’t even acknowledge her. But Kristen said that Amber was dead to her… so???

Amber agrees to leave, but the other nannies want her to stay. Then Kristen gets ugly and screams, “Just go Amber.”

Justin Sylvester and Maggie meet up for lunch. Maggie admits that she doesn’t like anything to do with kids. Justin’s advice is that she should be a personal assistant. But Maggie likes all the perks that the nannies get and hopes that Kristen will move her into more of a business role eventually.

It’s time for Justin to head to San Diego to meet Marshall Faulk. All the Faulk ladies pile into the car and the girls have strep throat. Justin is grossed out and wars a mask. He wants to know the do’s and dont’s of being around Marshall Faulk.

They arrive at the golf course and Justin finally meets Marshall Faulk, NFL legend. Marshall only says three words to Justin, “Hey, what’s up.” Lindsay isn’t sure if Marshall likes Justin or not. Is this a bust for Justin?

Stay tuned for the 2-hour season finale next week … What will happen with the nanny gang?

Beverly Hills Nannies airs on ABC family Tuesday’s at 8/9 pm.

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