‘Beverly Hills Nannies’ Recap: Kristin Begins a Nanny Service

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This new reality show, Beverly Hills Nannies, showcases the privileged and sometimes daunting lives of nannies that care for the wealthy and famous families of Beverly Hills. These nannies experience the grand lifestyle of the rich and famous but their jobs are on the line everyday with the extremely high demand put on them.

The first nanny, Kristin Lancione, has been a Beverly Hills nanny for seven years. She has worked for celebrities and rock stars. Her new assignment is with Cindy Margolis, the model. Cindy has three children. Kristin’s rate – $40/hour.

The second nanny, Justin Sylvester, has been in Beverly Hills for two years and is working at the Tsircou family home. He’s caring for one child, Xander, a 7-month-old. Marika Tsircou, the stay-at-home mother, is obsessed with fashion labels and blurts out every designer piece that her precious Xander owns-hmmm.

Justin and Kristin happen to meet up in a clothing store while they’re performing their nanny duties. Justin talks to Kristin and finds out she is getting $40/hour, has an Audi car supplied by the family, and is being asked to go on the family vacation to Hawaii (all expenses paid plus she can invite one guest). Justin realizes that Marika is short-changing him and he’s not happy at all.

Marika is a prima donna. She asks Justin to rub her feet while she’s nursing the baby. Justin tells Marikia that he doesn’t appreciate being treated like her slave especially at the low rate of $20/hour.

Marika tells Justin he is only semi-working out as the nanny. She’s upset that he won’t rub her feet. Justin quickly replies and tells her he wants $41/hour, full benefits and a Porsche – then he will rub the hell out of her feet. Is this relationship going to work out?

At the Elkins family home, Amanda is watching four children. She’s new to Beverly Hills. Deborah Elkin, the mother, has gone through several nannies already and she’s searching for the perfect match. The entire family is vegan, but Amanda isn’t. She doesn’t think this job is going to be a good match for her.

At the Bellamar home in Malibu, Amber Valdez shows up for her interview. Three nannies are being interviewed to care for a 3.5-year-old girl, Emma. Their home is beautiful and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. They have three championship horses, private beach access and they need someone who is athletic. Barry Bellamar and Ari are about to get married and they need lots of help.

Amanda Averill is the second person being interviewed for the Bellamar nanny position. She arrives late and explains to Ari it’s because of traffic. Ari is notably upset that Amanda is late and she asks her to pick up the dog poop in the living room right away, before the interview begins. Ouch! Amanda does it.

The Bellamars call Amber and ask her to meet them at For Heaven’s Cakes. They need to partake in a cake tasting for their upcoming wedding. Ari decides it would be fun to rate Amber since they are rating the cake. The nanny rating categories are: personality (8.5), discipline (7), friendliness (9), capabilities (8), and finally the cuteness factor (6). Amber is taken back with the low cuteness score but says for the job she’ll gladly take a two. She does get the job.

Amber, Shayla, Kristin and Amanda all get together for a brunch at Jack n’ Jill’s in Beverly Hills. At the end of the brunch Kristin privately tells Amanda and Shayla that Amber got the job because she isn’t as cute as they are and she doesn’t pose a threat to Ari. Is this the start of a nanny war?

Kristin decides she should start a nanny referral service, a great idea! She has a party at her apartment and invites all her nanny friends. Kristina, Justin, Maggie, Shaun, Scott, Shayla, Lucy, Amanda, and Amber. Maggie is Kristin’s best friend and is looking for work but it may not be a good fit. Kristen doesn’t trust her with the families because Maggie drinks too much. Is this the end of their ten plus year friendship?

Beverly Hills Nannies airs on ABC family Wednesday’s at 8/9 pm.

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