‘Beverly Hills Nannies’ Recap: Nanny War is Coming

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This week on Beverly Hills Nannies, things heat up with the girls. Amber is out of line, and her true colors begin to show. Then, Lucy gives Amanda the Beverly Hills Nanny makeover for an upcoming interview.

Scott goes over to the Margolis family home to meet 9-year-old Nicholas. Cindy explains to Scott that Nicholas really needs a man in the house and a perk is that Cindy will have one, too. He gets the job, on a trial basis, after a back and forth compliment session.

At the Faulk family, Bella and Farrah are advised not to push Justin too hard. Lindsey has to run off so she leaves the girls with Justin. She basically says put them to bed by 9:00. The 4-year-old is a little diva and almost gets a time-out session.

Lucy takes Amanda to Paul Jeans Salon in Beverly Hills for her makeover. Then she takes her to get eyelash extensions. Amanda is very nervous about sharp objects being near her eyes and the idea of her eyes getting glued shut. She can’t go through with it, so Lucy takes her place.

Meanwhile, Kristen goes over to the Thames family and talks about the issues with Lucy. Tricia says she’s just not working out. So, Kristin suggests bringing Shayla over for an interview.

Shayla and Amber decide to spend some time together to make up. Amber is so controlling and won’t let Shayla finish her sentences. She basically doesn’t want Shayla and Kristen to be friends.

The next day, Justin and Lindsey Faulk sit outside by her pool with a glass of wine. They talk about how they were both raised by single moms. Then Lindsey tells Justin that they are like soul sisters. Hmmm…

Justin is planning a day trip to San Diego with the kids to see their father, Marshall. Justin doesn’t know how to swim or play golf, and those are two of the things the family is planning on doing while in San Diego. Justin’s nervous that he won’t pass the Marshall test. Lindsey says he better learn or there could be trouble; of course, she’ll pay for the lessons.

Shayla goes to Joely Fisher’s (Tricia’s sister) to meet Wylder Thames, the two-year-old toddler. Tricia has an audition, and Wylder has a swim lesson at Joely’s. She doesn’t pass the test. Tricia wanted Shayla to jump right in and take over, and she seemed more interested in talking to Joely.

Lucy finds out that Shayla interviewed with Tricia, and she has a talk with Tricia. She tells her that she wants to make it work out, and she did understand their little talk. She says, “Just tell me what you need and I’ll do it.” Tricia is happy with the outcome and realizes that perhaps Lucy is the right person after all. Ah, those Beverly Hills divas.

Scott shows up for his first full day with the Margolis family. Cindy plays a trick on him and hits him with cupcakes right before he goes in the pool with the kids. He gets her back and pulls her in the water with all her cloths on. (Well, she had that one coming.)

Amanda goes over to the Tsircou family to meet Marika. She thinks Xander is darling, but she’s already freaked out about Marika who is telling her about her bleeding nipples. Xander bit both of her nipples, and they became infected. After Amanda leaves, she gets a call from Kyri and Marika Tsircou; they want to hire her, and she accepts.

Lastly Maggie has a melt down with Kristen. She and her boyfriend broke up. So Kristen tells her she needs to go to Lucy’s birthday party that night. They head over to the Fig & Olive. Lucy finds out about the breakup and talks Maggie’s ear off. But she doesn’t really care. Then Amber gets upset because Lucy is yakking too much at Maggie and tells her take a breath. Lucy is pissed off at Amber and throws her purse at her. Amber leaves and Kristen isn’t sure if all these nannies can work together.

Beverly Hills Nannies is moving to Tuesdays on ABC Family at 9 pm/8 C.

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