Beware of Facebook ‘Photoshop’ Scam: The Virus Snags 88,000 Clicks an Hour

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Beware of Facebook’s “photoshop” scam that has already duped more than 600,000 Facebook users. According to M86 Security Labs, the “photoshop” scam is getting 88,000 clicks per hour. With Facebook having over 600 million active users, this scam is growing by leaps and bounds every hour. People must be warned about this newest Facebook application scam.


If you look in your Facebook Chat window and you see that a friend sent you this message, “hey, I just made a photoshop of you,” then beware. Do not click on that message, because it is a third-party application and a virus. The scam will then request access to your profile information which then allows the scammer access to your name, photos, gender, networks, lists of friends, as well as your user ID, and your Facebook chat.

If you then click allow, the pretend “Photoshop” application will begin to distract you with human-like faces made into photos. This is the time that the app begins to “photoshop” scam your Facebook friends, so they can get duped just like you did.

According to M86 Security Labs, “At this point, we do not know what the end game is for the scammers here. The destination site results in no malicious infection and does not lead to a survey scam. Having access to a users’ Facebook Chat could allow the scam application to be used to send out other messages.”

The best advice for you if you have fallen for this newest and latest Facebook scam is to delete the application and warn your friends. Always remember to never click on links from friends unless you first contact them, and ask if the link is from them or not.

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