Beware, Selena Gomez—Perrie Edwards’ Band Mate Wants Justin Bieber

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Selena Gomez better watch her back—a member of Little Mix wants Justin Bieber, and one of the girls in the group has already snagged one of the music industry’s hottest stars.

Perrie Edwards recently hooked up with One Direction singer Zayn Malik, breaking the hearts of millions of Directioners. And now if her band mate Leigh-Anne Pinnock gets her way, she’ll make Beliebers who are fans of Jelena just as miserable by stealing Justin away from Selena.

Perrie Edwards was recently asked about a photo of her kissing Zayn Malik, and the poor pop princess complained that she didn’t like the snapshot because she looked “rank” and was “gutted that they catch you off guard.” So apparently the singer would have preferred to be notified of the paparazzi’s presence so that she could have gotten all made up and posed perfectly while puckering up. However, just like Selena Gomez, she’s going to have to get used to photographers trying to take pictures of her and Zayn no matter how tired and rough the two of them might look.

And speaking of poor Selena, she has a good reason to be worried about Perrie Edwards’ band mate Leigh-Anne Pinnock. Leigh-Anne could have asked her Little Mix band mate to set her up with one of the single members of One Direction since she’s dating Zayn Malik, but unfortunately Leigh-Anne isn’t interested in Harry Styles or Niall Horan. According to the U.K. Press Association, here’s what she said about her desire to date Selena Gomez’ boyfriend:

“I’d like to go out with Justin Bieber – someone like that – hook me up! Oh yeah, he’s with Selena, isn’t he?”

Zayn’s pal Liam Payne might also want to look out since he’s been called a Bieber lookalike in the past. However, he doesn’t really look much like the star anymore—Liam seems to be aging while Justin still looks like he did when he first became famous (the new haircut doesn’t make that much of a difference).

Leigh-Anne Pinnock better watch out about talking about her feelings for Justin—Beliebers can be just as crazy as Directioners. So do you think that Selena needs to be worried?

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